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You’d like to play golf like Rory McIlroy or Park in-Bee? Well, the only things you need for your rounds on the golf course are a bit of talent and the appropriate equipment. read more
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You want to golf like Rory McIlroy or Park In-Bee? Then you will need, along with a certain amount of talent, the appropriate golf equipment for your sporty tours over the wide green. And you will find a lot of that at SportSpar!


General information about putting together the golf equipment


If the golf turf and everything related to the popular sport is still new territory for you, then you are best adviced to buy an inexpensive golf set for beginners. Over time, you'll improve your control on the golf club and ball, and you'll complete your golfing equipment. But first things first: In the first step you have to buy matching golf clubs.


14 golf clubs for professionals, half the set for beginners


In golf, there are basically five different types of clubs:

  • Iron
  • Wood
  • Wedge
  • Putter
  • Driver

Each of these types of golf clubs is based on special characteristics: For medium-long shots, you use iron clubs. Long-distance shots and the tee succeed best with woods. Ideally, you should use wedges to free yourself from awkward situations and for shots at the green. For shots on the ground, putter is suitable. The driver, also referred to in the golfer's language as "wood 1", is responsible for the farthest and most complicated shots to play. It is one of the indispensable components of a professional golf equipment - beginners can and should still do without it.

With a total of 14 golf clubs the professional golfer moves from hole to hole. For the newcomer, it is sufficient to have half of the set. If you choose a beginner set, be sure to take that from a renowned brand in order to play with high quality golfing equipment. Fortunately, you will only find high-quality sets and Dunlop single clubs at SportSpar.

A few more tips on the material: Long graphite clubs allow longer balls thanks to their own whip effect. That's why they are perfect for beginners. In contrast, professionals choose steel clubs whose high strength ensures a direct vibration transmission during the tee shot. This allows the golfer to see exactly how he needs to adjust his game. An optimal fitting is essential for beginners as well as advanced players: The chosen golf clubs should correspond especially to the body dimensions, but also the individual style of each golfer.


Balls in quantity for newcomers, with quality for professionals


It is quite normal that the round ball equipment for newcomers initially not often land where they are intended. In particular, water ditches and tall grass swallow some balls. If you are a beginner, buy as many balls as you can - the quality is still secondary in the initial learning phase. Things are different with professional players: they do not need countless, but high-quality balls. Generally, it can be said that beginners should rely on models with hard shells - they support the stability. Professionals act with soft balls that make a better spin game possible. In the ctaegory of the golf accessory, you will discover several sets of 15 or even 24 balls.


Roll the ball into the hole with the right gold clothing


With your first experiences on the green of the golf course you can easily rely on comfortable sports shoes. Ambitious players, however, need first-class special shoes with metallic or soft spikes, which significantly reduce the risk of slipping and thus ensure a secure footing. With SportSpar you can buy stabilizing golf shoes at a low price. Generally, you will cheap sportswear find in the shop that meets the requirements of golf:

  • Polo shirts, sleeveless pullover and golf trousers in many colours
  • Golf gloves to avoid blisters on the hand
  • Trendy caps made of breathable cotton

From golf trolley to towel - useful golfing equipment

Comprehensive golf equipment also includes a trolley and / or a golf bag with a practical stand for convenient transport across the green ground. In addition, you should buy a golf towel, because in your adventures you are guaranteed to work up a sweat. In addition to your hands, the golf clubs can also be cleaned with the special towel. Take a close look at the Golf shop at SportSpar: you'll discover almost everything you need for your individual golf set and after your order you will be able to start playing golf or develop your already acquired skills!