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Procedure of the Return process

1. You can return goods to us postage paid (not carriage forward) to the following address:
Sportspar GmbH
Gustav-Adolf-Ring 7
D-04838 Eilenburg

2. To enable us to process your return as quickly as possible, please include your copy of the invoice in the package. This invoice copy will have been sent to you together with your goods. Should you no longer have the invoice, please let us know by email ( We will send you a new copy.

3. Generally, we will process your return within 3-5 days of receiving it. In exceptional cases it may take up to two weeks to process the return and refund payment. Please place a new order if you want a different size or another item.

4. IMPORTANT for shoe returns: To avoid any damage to the shoe box please make sure that it is properly packaged. Please do not use the shoe box as the shipping box.

5. Please note that some post offices will not accept parcels packed in our mailing bags. We recommend that you turn the mailing bag inside-out so that the advertising cannot be seen. If this does not work, please use neutral packaging.


Retour FAQ

How can I return my goods?

Please return the goods to us postage paid (NOT CARRIAGE FORWARD!) You can use the parcel company of your choice to make the return. The time it takes for us to receive your return can vary depending on the parcel company and type of delivery you choose. Please make sure that the goods are unused.

Are returns free?

Our prices are extremely competitive and we are sure that you will understand that this means that we cannot provide free return vouchers. Generally, most customers know exactly what size they need when ordering items made by well-known brands. Unlike other companies, we do not include possible costs for a return in our sale prices but instead do everything we can to provide you, our customer, with the maximum cost saving when you buy from us. In our experience, this means that 99% of our customers make significantly larger savings than they would if we sold items at a higher price but including free returns. Our main concern is to ensure that our philosophy “Save money when buying sports items and sport fashion” applies to as many customers as possible.

Als PayPal Kontoinhaber hast du die Möglichkeit, die Rückzahlung der Kosten deiner Retoure direkt bei PayPal zu beantragen.
Weitere Informationen hierzu findest du unter dem folgenden Link:
Bei Fragen zu dieser Serviceleistung wende dich bitte direkt an Paypal.

What does a return cost?

Prices vary depending on the parcel company and the type of delivery. As a result we cannot, unfortunately, provide a detailed answer to this question. For information on prices, visit the relevant parcel company website or office.

Can I exchange goods?

Due to the way our system works it is not possible to exchange goods. Please place a new order if you want another item.

Who will pay for delivery if I place a new order?

Our delivery prices and the corresponding item prices are extremely low and fair; as a result, customers have to pay for delivery of any new order.

How and when will my money be refunded?

Generally, your return will be processed within a few days. The purchase price will be refunded using the same option you selected to make payment (PayPal, instant transfer, Amazon Payments, Masterpayment or bank transfer). Refunds made by bank transfer can take a little longer than other refunds.

I made a purchase against an invoice (PayPal)! What do I have to consider?

When you make a purchase against an invoice you must transfer the money direct to PayPal. (Please not to us!)
We receive the purchase price from PayPal in advance, so can dispatch your order immediately.
When you select the „Purchase against invoice“ option you will receive an email from PayPal with all the necessary information. Should anything be unclear or you have questions, you can phone PayPal’s free customer service number: 08007234730.

The following are a few examples of how PayPal payments work:

-You buy 2 items and keep both of them: You must transfer the entire invoice amount to PayPal.

-You buy 2 items and return both of them: You don’t need to transfer any money to PayPal. (In such cases we will notify PayPal that no money transfer is required.)

-You buy 2 items and return one of them: You must only transfer the price of the item you keep plus delivery costs to PayPal. (In such cases we will notify PayPal regarding the price of the item which is being returned.)

Is your item broken or damaged?

Simply send us a short email by using our return form and stating your invoice or order number so that we can identify the relevant information.
We will then work together with you to find a solution.