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Squash clothes and equipment

Just like tennis, squash doesn’t belong to the rather affordable sports disciplines. All the better: SportSpar offers almost everything you’ll need – except for the wall. read more
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With SportSpar you can easily equip yourself affordable. A wide range of high-quality brand equipment is also available in our squash shop, just like in our tennis shop.

Why Squash?

Undoubtedly, squash is currently absolutely popular. However, that is not the reason why the sport is highly recommended. Rather, the over 150 years old sport from England enjoys many advantages:

  • You can play alone, if necessary. But especially playing in twos can really be demanding.
  • It's absolutely fun. No boring running on the treadmill to get moving.
  • The calories just melt away like that. Squash is a demanding endurance sport.
  • In addition to your endurance you train with it your entire muscles
  • Arm and shoulder muscles are as strained as legs and the deep muscles of the trunk (for stabilization).
  • Even the ability to react improves with regular squash playing
  • Once equipped, you can easily work out on a free wall outside in the warm season.
  • There are specialized studios for the winter (but of course not exclusively).
  • Squash is very easy to learn and can (after consultation with the attending physician) be practiced by different people.

Top sport for maximum calorie consumption

Anyone who considers spinning, swimming or jogging to be the best endurance sports that really melts your fat gets their "fat off" has not tried squash. In fact, squash burns even more calories than fast jogging. In comparison to other challenging cardio workouts such as breast-stroke, spinning or football, squash is significantly superior in terms of calorie consumption. A person of about 55 to 65 kg consumes on average 176 kilocalories in a quarter of an hour. Fast jogging only burns 165 calories, while spinning, swimming and football are under 150 kcal. Reason enough to put the desire for appropriate squash clothing into action.

Squash Accessories: What you really need!

Everything you need is waiting for you at the Squash Shop. You can individually put together Squash rackets and balls or get the practical complete sets. With solid squash glasses, you can also ensure that your eyes are protected. The balls can pick up a lot of speed if you get in the right way with your teammate. You do not want to have one hitting your eye.

As far as cheap sportswear for men is concerned, you simply look around in the sports shop for something as comfortable as possible. Freedom of movement is everything. Furthermore, be sure to use functional materials, as you will certainly work up a sweat. The same applies for cheap women's clothing, adding just one more indispensable piece: a well-fitting sports bra with maximum support. Even if you want to start slowly as a beginner, the pace increases considerably with increasing capabilities. Everything should stay in place. Thanks to the equipment from the Squash Shop of SportSpar, which has been put together in such a favorable cheap way, you will have more money left to invest in a top studio nearby. Have fun chasing balls!