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The SportSpar Baseball Shop – for the fans and players

The bat-and-ballgame, a US national sport by the way, came to Europe long ago. At our SportSpar Baseball Shop, you’ll find various items – no matter if you are a passionate supporter or an active player! read more
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Essential baseball equipment at SportSpar

In order to play baseball, you’ll need several things:

  • batting helmet
  • bat
  • ball
  • batting gloves
  • catcher's mitt
  • protectors
  • baseball pants
  • baseball jersey
  • baseball jacket
  • baseball shoes with cleats

Which of these items really are necessary for you depends on the position you are playing. Being a batter, you’ll absolutely need a solid wooden bat and some batting gloves made of smooth leather. All the other players are wearing just one baseball glove to better throw and catch the ball. And your baseball shoes are really important, too. They have to offer good grip as short sprints, fast turns and small jumps are common practice in baseball and have to be well-cushioned. That’s why a shoe specially made for baseball has a sole with rubber or metal cleats. The upper is made of an ultralight high-tech tissue which supports your foot and offers best possible freedom of movement at the same time. For your own safety, please never play without a helmet and protection such as a chest protector, elbow guards and shin guards. When it comes to clothing, baseballers usually wear tight fitting trousers, a jersey and a baseball jacket. The varsity jacket offers a wider fit for your essential freedom of movement. The jerseys are made of functional tissues such as polyester. These jerseys evacuate the sweat and dry fast. The SportSpar baseball shop offers various items for your individual equipment.

Cool baseball clothing for true fans

Apart from affordable items for active players, we offer low-priced baseball clothing for everyday use. So, we sell for example a great number of MLB merchandising items by cool teams like the New York Yankees, the Brooklyn Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. You choose between:

  • T-shirts
  • tank tops
  • jerseys
  • men's sweatshirts (hooded or not)
  • men's jackets
  • sweat shorts

Our products by Majestic Athletic etc. are available in many colours and sizes. All products are made of high-quality materials, e.g. cotton, polyester and polyamide, for maximum wearing comfort.

How to combine your MLB fan gear in everyday life

Our MLB fan gear is made of comfortable fabrics and offer a stylish design so you can easily use them for your everyday life. Men’s clothing in baseball look and at low price go perfectly with casual trousers especially jeans. Just pay attention to combine the matching colours. Trousers in black or dark blue go well with all t-shirts, sweaters and jackets. If you wear another colour down under, make sure the shades of your baseball shirt match your trousers. When you wear baseball clothing, you definitely underline your sporty appearance and you walk through the streets in a really casual way.

Always new products at the baseball shop

The huge SportSpar choice of products thrills both baseball players and supporters. Despite the great number of proudcts, you can't find your favourite item at the moment? So, drop in regularely. We change and expand our product range constantly, and certainly your preferred clothing or accessory will be vailable soon!