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Versatile sports jackets: ladies no longer wear them just for exercising. read more
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Sports jackets for women: How to find the right one!

Versatile sports jackets: ladies no longer wear them just for exercising. Comfortable fits and trendy looks already found their way into today’s casual all-day sportswear. However, if you want to buy your new tracksuit jacket for its very original purpose, pay attention to some details. First, ask yourself: When and where will I use it? We reveal the criteria a sports jacket has to fulfil. Some of this useful information will make it easier for you to choose your perfect sports jacket: Listen carefully, Ladies!

Sports jackets: Women can wear them in different ways

One of the high-quality jackets by Adidas, Nike etc. is certainly a good choice. Besides their unbeatable quality, these fashionable women’s sports jackets offer various possibilities to wear them. Whether at school, at university or for leisure time: You can easily combine your stylish women’s sports jacket with your everyday outfit and give it a peppy note. For example, rocky Adidas Women’s Jackets with trendy leather applications are just perfect for special occasions. They add casual understatement to every self-confident look.

In the fields of sports, you can hardly avoid tracksuit jackets: For your warm up, it offers the much important warmth for your body – e.g. as a hoody. And after your sweaty training you wrap yourself in it fast to prevent a cold. For your workout, a functional or runner’s jacket protects you in the best possible way, especially when it’s cold outside or the sun is burning down on you. Your perfect jacket depends on the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a tracksuit jacket or a general women's sports jacket for every day?
  • Do you want to use your tracksuit jacket in summer or winter?
  • Do you exercise outside, or do you stay inside: at home, at the fitness center or at the gym?

The perfect tracksuit jacket for every season

While for your everyday look, first and foremost, the visual aspects have to be correct – corresponding to your taste, Criteria for sports jackets, however, are much higher: Please, Ladies, don’t just pay attention to a nice design. Especially, if you want to wear your sports jacket for exercising, the fabric has to be breathable. Synthetic fibres such as polyester and innovative mesh fabrics are light and comfortable. In addition, they move the moisture of your sweat away from your body. Cotton, used for the typical women's sweatshirts, is much better for “before” and “after”. Especially when it’s cold outside, they’ll keep you warm, but when you sweat, they won’t keep you dry. Problem: Although they absorb your sweat, they don’t move it away.

In the summertime, lighter jackets protect you from the sun without sending up your temperature. Concerning heat and moisture management, you should avoid skin-tight fits. Leave at least half an inch, even for tight-fitting runner’s jackets, to let the air circulate. By the way: Many of the light sports jackets of renowned labels are perfect for every season. You can wear them in several layers, and thanks to their innovative and breathable technologies they easily master storm and rain, but also heat in the summer.

Outdoor functional jacket versus common sports jackets

Your perfect runner’s jacket or rather every outdoor tracksuit jacket should be easy and well to close at all ends, e.g. with a zip from your waist to your chin. Fleeced inlays offer an extra bit of warmth. Adjustable arm cuffs and a fixable waistband are perfect for the right mixture of freedom of movement and weather protection. Even more robust: Special coatings on many outdoor sports jackets have a water-repellent effect.

Women's sports jackets at SportSpar

At our online shop, various women's sports jackets offer functional technologies and stylish designs. At SportSpar, you'll find a huge choice of women's jackets, starting from casual tracksuit jackets to more elegant jackets with a sporty note. And we also offer high-quality women's sports pants and fashionable shirts by renowned, first-class manufacturers such as Adidas, Puma or Fila.