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Looking for a voucher at SportSpar? In our Voucher FAQ we will answer all relevant questions that might come up regarding vouchers at SportSpar.

Voucher FAQ

Where do I find current SportSpar voucher?

When subscribing to our SportSpar Newsletter for the first time, you will receive a 5 € voucher directly by E-mail, which you can redeem immediately on your next order with a minimum order value of 60 €. Otherwise, we regularly send exclusive vouchers via our newsletter, our Whatsapp group or post a code on Facebook. To stay informed about all the vouchers, you should follow us on Facebook, be part of our Whatsapp group or subscribe to our newsletter.

Can I give away SportSpar vouchers or use them several times?

We are currently not offering vouchers for purchase. A coupon is generally redeemable once per customer and in most cases can not be combined with other coupon codes.

How long is a voucher code valid?

The period of validity of our vouchers is communicated openly with each published voucher. At the moment, our newsletter coupon has no time limit and can be redeemed at a time of your choice.

What happens to the voucher value when I return items?

If the value of the goods (of kept items) at an absolute discount (for example 5€) is below the minimum order value of the voucher after the return, the voucher will be deducted in the reimbursement process. We are happy to provide a new coupon code on request. Percentage coupons (e.g., 10%) are deducted pro rata on returns.