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Golf Clubs

As for any other ball game as well, you need the appropriate equipment for playing golf. Despite all the rumours, buying golf clubs doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. At SportSpar, we’ll explain to you how you can save a lot of money even before you tee-off! read more
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Buy golf clubs and save

As with any other ball sport, a golf player especially needs, in addition to a little talent and a lot of motivation, the right equipment. Buying golf clubs must - despite all the rumors - not be expensive. We at SportSpar show you how you can save properly even before the tee!

Order cheap golf clubs at SportSpar

If you are a beginner and want to buy the right golf clubs, you should know one thing above all: Instead of a single game device, several clubs are used in golf. From a very early age, when golf was literally in the starting blocks, a realization emerged: it is much easier to change the clubs for the different requirements with regard to terrain, flight curve and distance than to learn new stroke movements every time. The construction type of the clubs differs mainly by the length of the shaft. Furthermore, shape and material are just as important as the so-called loft, which describes the angle of inclination of the clubface.

In order to buy the best golf clubs as a beginner, you can safely bet on our complete sets. In these sets you will find all the necessary club types and you can start immediately. By the way, dear ladies: A complete set made especially for women not only has the advantage of being more feminine. Women's clubs commonly have a softer, slightly shorter shaft. This particular version can also be beneficial for teenagers or seniors.

Whether ladies, unisex or men, whether left hander or right hander: All our sets consist of the complete range of necessary clubs as well as a practical carrying bag, matching club covers and a rain cover. The ones who only know the brand manufacturer Dunlop for his brilliant achievements in the range of the automobile tires, should definitely meet him in sports - highest quality with the Golf equipment is guaranteed here!

Buy the right golf club: Different types

Basically, one distinguishes the following golf club categories: Driver, Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putter. In addition, there are so-called Chipper, which are a merger of Putter and Wedge. As already mentioned, the length of the shaft and the loft, among other things, determine which name a club has. But what exactly characterizes each type of game device?

The Driver is the largest of the golf clubs. He has the voluminous club head and is used primarily for tee. Beginners will not get in touch with him at the beginning, while advanced players will not want to miss the advantages of this type of club. A typical set of clubs usually includes three Woods called wood 1, 3, 5, or 7. Also, the Driver belongs to this set and has, like the others, a particularly large head. However, the Woods are also used as fairway Woods, which is why no golf set is complete without them. At SportSpar, you can also buy these golf clubs separately at a favorable price at any time, in order to upgrade your set.

Tip: Iron clubs stand out in particular by their hardness and stability from other clubs. The lower your swing speed, the sooner you should replace Iron clubs with Hybrids. These can be played much easier and still ensure a high and wide flight of the ball. For the very short game, you commonly use Wedges. These are special Iron clubs with lofts of over 48 degrees. The best thing in the end, the Putter clubs: They reliably handle around 40 percent of all tees and are thus the most important game devices at all.


Now that you know all about golf clubs, you're well-prepared for the golf course. So let's go, just buy the missing Golf clothing and golf clubs - and no golf hole is safe from you!