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Rugby clothes and equipment

Rugby is a sport for real men – and brave women who aren’t afraid of strong physical contact. Because they are part of the game, just as the oval ball. read more
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Rugby - Collisions wanted during the game

Rugby is a sport for real men - and courageous women who are not afraid of intense body contact. It belongs to the sport, originally coming from England, like the egg-shaped ball. SportSpar offers you essential accessories for your personal rugby equipment - and at a great price!

Clear rules in visual chaos

Anyone watching a rugby game for the first time will be surprised by the information that there are clear rules in the sport and even every single move is planned exactly. The gameplay is too chaotic for the layman. This is mainly because the defending team can adjust to certain situations of the attacking team, resulting in a scramble, in which violent collisions are not uncommon. Thus, the observer gets the impression that rugby is a pure action sport in which there are no strategies. The impressions are wrong! Intense body contact is not only allowed, but expressly desired. It follows logically that you, as a rugby player, can not just wear anything. Moreover, you need special clothing to survive the games in the best condition as possible. In the SportSpar rugby shop you will find a large part of what you need for rugby union, rugby league or another variant of the fascinating sport:

  • Rugby ball
  • Rugby helmet
  • Jerseys and Shorts
  • Studded shoes
  • Mouthguard
  • Shoulder pads

The rugby ball - an egg to play

Rugby balls are ovate. High-quality models, which include the models available at SportSpar, have a good grip, are made of wear-resistant materials and are robust against environmental influences.


  1. Foam balls are suitable for beginners. If you want to play on the beach (beach rugby), a rubber version is perfect. Synthetic balls are ideal for training and competitions on every floor.
  2. For the pure leisure fun you can choose the size of the ball just as you like (regardless of the age). Ambitious rugby players, however, should definitely buy a rugby ball size 3, 4 or 5. The bigger the ball, the more precise, stable and dynamic it can be played.

Note: The size 3 is recommended for ambitious children between five and nine years. Ten to 14-year-old teens who want to continuously improve, choose ball size 4. Teenagers from 15 years and adults need size 5.

The rugby helmet - protect your head!

It cannot be repeated enough: Rugby is a very daring game in which you even get a blow to the head. In this respect, you should protect this particularly important area of your body. You can do this with a rugby helmet, also called Scrum Cap. He covers your head, including the ears and temples. Be sure to buy a version that matches your head shape, or set the adjustable parts of the selected model to its optimum fit. Otherwise, the helmet does not help.

Jerseys and shorts made of solid fabrics

If you are interested in rugby sport, you have probably experienced a game in Super Rugby, 6 Nations or any other famous tournament and, thus, have seen players wearing special jerseys and shirts. The garments should be made of solid materials to survive the energetic duels harmless. After all, you do not want to suddenly stand there without a jersey or trousers. For the production of rugby jerseys, polyester is the preferred fabric - the material has proven itself. SportSpar offers you shirts of several national teams, such as France, Italy, Wales, Australia or South Africa. In addition, there are clothes from french clubs and other teams as well as complete outfits (consisting of jersey and shorts) without specific team assignment.  

Studded shoes, mouthguard and other accessories

In addition to the components described so far, namely the ball, the helmet, the jersey and shorts, you will also need studded shoes, a mouthguard and rugby shoulder pads to complete your rugby equipment. Take a look at the extensive range of SportSpar and secure everything essential for your upcoming rugby training sessions at a reduced price!