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Hockey clothes and equipment

Field hockey is quite a physical sports discipline and sometimes you even have to take your gloves off – figuratively. Here at SportSpar, you’ll find low-priced hockey sticks and equipment of brands such as Slazenger and adidas. read more
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The word “hockey” derives from the Old French “hoquet” meaning something like “Shepherd‘s crook”. Aim of the game is to hit the ball into the opposing team’s goal only using hockey sticks.

In Europe, hockey mostly refers to field hockey whereas in the US ice hockey is more popular. If you want to be a professional and superior player, you should definitely use a hockey stick of high quality. One of the best-known brands is adidas. The very feeling of playing with an adidas hockey stick can inspire you for future success!

In summer, there’s nothing better than being active and sporty outside. An exciting hockey match with friends on the green in the sun makes surely a nice change from gaming all day long! However, hockey isn’t only fun in summer. In winter, when you play hockey inside with a professional adidas hockey stick, you can have a whale of a time, too!

Hockey isn’t only interesting for amateurs but also for professional sportsmen and sportswomen. It’s also a popular Olympic discipline. Countries with a strong hockey tradition are for example Pakistan, Australia and India but also the Netherlands, Spain and Germany.

However, a hockey player is just as good as his hockey equipment: with a high-quality hockey stick you’ll play the best. So, come in and have a look at our products!