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Swimming clothes and equipment

Just go swimming regularly? Having fun and getting in shape all at once? Actually, plunging in the coo water is the perfect body workout. read more
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Swimming - make your joints and muscles fit

Just swimming regularly, having fun and even getting the whole body in shape? In fact, plunging into the cool water is the perfect full-body workout: it promotes endurance, boosts the cardiovascular system and also provides for firm contours. Overweight people can lose weight with swimming in a gentle way for joints and tendons. Even during pregnancy, there is nothing to say against swimming: Just adapt the exercise plan to a moderate level, so mom and baby benefit from the gentle movement. The right equipment makes it even more fun!


Lose weight with swimming

Especially beginners with a few kilos more on the hips will gain a major advantage from this alternative to traditional cardio workouts. Unlike the typical jogging, cycling or even walking, the joints remain completely unencumbered even during intensive movement in the wet element. The unwanted pounds will melt away naturally. A consistent "swim training plan" of about one hour at different speeds burns between 500 and 900 kilocalories. Nevertheless, most people feel that swimming is much more pleasant than other endurance sports. With the natural cooling by the water, sporty sweating is only half as bad. The result: You keep up your project permanently and achieve your goal by swimming regularly. Losing weight - with ease!


Go swimming and shape the body

The unique synergy effects of swimming are suitable for both beginners and professionals. If you want to lose weight with swimming, you will do more than just lose weight, because the constant movement in the water mobilizes all muscle groups and thus leads you step by step - or rather swimming stroke by swimming stroke - to attractive tight contours. A smooth and firm skin with well-defined curves occur only by constant muscle growth.

When you go swimming, the water exercises muscles like an entire gym session. Moreover, you can decide which zones of your body will burn fat. In a supine position, for example, you focus on the entire abdominal muscles, while your legs and butt can get extra training by letting your upper body rest on a floating cushion or something similar and just move with the power of your lower body muscles. The ladies are especially pleased about the massage effect of the water resistance. Thus, the swimming declares war on annoying problem areas such as cellulite from the inside and outside.


Swimming during pregnancy? Yes!

During pregnancy, the positive effects of water can accomplish true miracles - and you do not even have to swim! In fact, water aerobics also helps with numerous pregnancy problems, such as increased propensity for varicose veins, back pain or build-up of fluid. Whether you want to concentrate on swimming or water aerobics: Doctors and experts clearly advocate pregnant women to do so. Shorter training sessions, which take place several times a week, are recommended.


Stilish plunging with SportSpar!

At SportSpar, you'll find everything you need for your swim training: High-quality swimsuits and bikini sets from renowned brands like Adidas or Slazenger fit like a second skin and optimize your success. One pieces are back in fashion and - let's face it- It's just really fun to lose weight with swimming when we feel comfortable in our skin - and in the second. That's why the models in the SportSpar online shop rely on the harmonious mix of sporty functionality and modern designs. The same applies, of course, to the stylish swimwear by Nike & Co.

Those who not only occasionally want to be decorative on the beach, but also want to do active swimming, is best adviced with some useful accessories. In order to  avoid that the clear view comes a cropper with the water, professional goggles protect your eyes even during longer workouts. Especially in the swimming pool appropriate bathing shoes are a must. But that's about it: With this minimal amount of equipment, you can get started and lose weight while swimming, tone your body or just keep moving with fun.