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Ready to start: Affordable running wear by latest top brands!

In parks, in forests and even in the city centre: Joggers in colourful sportswear are everywhere! read more
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There’s no doubt: running is a trendy sport. You also want to start at last and keep yourself fit and get in shape in such an easy way? Great! Only little equipment is necessary to attain your goals: a good running trail, a bit of motivation and – of course – affordable running wear!

Affordable running wear for beginners

Especially beginners ask themselves: What do I really need to start running? There are lots of accessories available to support the runners to keep going. And maybe – over the course of time – there are some good options. What you really need before you start are:

  • running trousers
  • running top 
  • running jacket
  • running socks
  • Sports bra (if you are a women
  • running shoes

Many beginners think they could start jogging wearing just any clothing until they’re sure that running is their new favourite sport. But they are badly wrong and so they get demotivated and give up quickly. Perfect affordable running wear is made of breathable fabrics and offer an optimum fit. Especially beginners benefit from these features because thanks to heat regulation they feel well and fit for a longer time – even if they aren’t thoroughly fit yet. Women should wear a well-fitting sports bra of the highest support category: Their versions differ according to the aimed sport. Slower sports such as yoga require less support as running sports with harder impacts. Still, your feet and your legs are the main actors. And don’t compromise when it comes to your shoes!

Essential: adequate running shoes

In fact, good running shoes protect your feet and your whole body. Jogging shoes are specially designed for the movement of running: They offer certain technologies to cushion the impact and they are very good for your back and your joints. Apart from that, a pair of well-fitting shoes support the stable position of your feet and prevent the typical bending of your ankle to the inside or the outside. Maybe, you’ve come across “over pronation” and “supination”? These are the technical terms for the movement of your feet when you walk. Do you tend to pronate (bending the foot to the inside) or to supinate (bending the foot to the outside) or are you a rather neutral walker? Have a look at some shoes which you’ve already worn quite often. Which side of your sole is heavily used? This is the part of your foot you put the most weight on when walking. After having tracked your weak points, you can order affordable running shoes according to your running type and just try them – or get some advice in case you are not sure. Apart from protecting and stabilising your feet, a comfortable environment for your feet is important, too. The breathable fabrics of the shoe support the optimum temperature control. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t go without the right running socks. Here, the fabric makes the difference to usual everyday shoes.

Affordable running wear made of innovative materials

Above all, these fabrics have to be breathable. That means the sweat you produce when practising is removed from the body. But the fabric doesn’t seal your skin what could cause an excess of heat. Instead, the air can circulate freely. So called functional sportswear meets these requirements. It’s made of a blend of certain synthetic fibres. Mesh panels offer even more airiness. Against all expectations, natural fabrics such as cotton are rather impractical. Instead of building a kind of barrier between skin and sweat, cotton clothing soaks up all the sweat and you get cold quite soon. In the end, you catch a cold – something you really don’t need when you try to get in shape.

Affordable running wear for every season!

In winter, you should keep warm. In the summertime, your affordable running wear should offer an airy balance. Women’s and men's clothing made of high-quality functional materials are both. In winter, you just use your summer running top as a base for the recommended layer look with several layers of clothing worn on top of each other. Affordable running wear doesn't have to be expensive - but it has to suit you and its applications!