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Outdoor clothes and equipment

Shop trekking shoes, rain coats and windbreakers, caps and sunglasses or Nordic walking poles. Find everything you’ll need for camping. Your perfect outdoor gear at a very low price. read more
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People love to be outdoors, they love to enjoy nature and to relax from stressful days at work. Elderly people wearing knickerbockers and knee-high stockings who are walking through the hills and fields – this image is really outdated! Hiking and trekking is trendy, especially for young people and families with kids.

From working at home to trips to the countryside

In many jobs you have to sit at a desk – there’s not much exercise all day long. So, people want to be outside. They want to feel the wind, smell the rain and enjoy the sunshine. They go walking, hiking or trekking. They discover their own countryside and the surroundings nearby. All these activities are sustainable and good for the environment. Nobody likes to be flown to the South trapped between strangers for several hours and then burning in the sun next to an overcrowded all-inclusive hotel pool.

Camping instead of hotel

We all remember the days when we were young(er). What an adventure when we camped in the garden without our parents. How exciting when a hedgehog strayed around our tent or the owl was hunting a mouse at night. That’s exactly the feeling people want to have again and so they pack their tents and sleeping bags to spent a night underneath the stars.

Nature – but up-to-date

People love to share their wanderlust in social medias or they track their sporty exercising with digital step counters and calorie counting apps. If you can’t go to the countryside every weekend, you could go for a jog through the park – or trail running for all the superjocks.

What shall I wear?

Walking clothes used to look like usual clothes but today there’s huge choice of state-of-the-art clothes and equipment for each and every outdoor activity. Weatherproof – that’s important for hiking and Nordic walking. Rain coats and wind jackets have to protect against nasty weather. Trekking pants and trekking boots have to meet the requirements of the surroundings and easily deal with rocks and branches.

Most of the clothes are made of special synthetic fibres offering best protection from wind and rain, keeping you warm when it’s cold outside but at the same time these clothes are breathable and fast drying. Climbers and boulderers pay more attention to a perfect fit to move freely between the rocks.

Old-fashioned walking sticks are outdated. Adjustable walking poles help to shape your entire body when walking. Equipment can be stored in trekking backpacks protecting from rain. These trekking backpacks are light, ergonomically shaped and padded at the back to support your spine.

All you need for your days outdoors

According to the sports activities you prefer, we offer the best items at an unbeatable low price. Visit our SportSpar online outlet.