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Ice Hockey and NHL Fan Shop

Being as fast and accurate as Hayley Wickenheiser – that’s what every growing ice hockey crack is wishing for. The SportSpar Ice Hockey Shop offers various equipment to reach this goal. And everything at a top price! read more
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Ice Hockey Shop with very low prices

Being as fast and accurate as Hayley Wickenheiser or Sidney Crosby – that’s what every growing ice hockey crack is wishing for. To reach this goal step by step you’ll need the right equipment for your icy adventure. Our SportSpar Ice Hockey Shop offers various equipment – starting from ice hockey jerseys of popular teams to essential mouth guards – everything at a low price!

What cow dung has to do with ice hockey...

Today, we use a puck for playing ice hockey, but that shouldn’t be regarded as a matter of course. Once, when this thrilling sport first saw the light of day in Canada back in the mid 19th century (in the true sense of the word as the first matches took place outdoors), players threw frozen pieces of cow dung. Well, long live improvisation! On 3 March 1875, a small revolution took place in the history of ice hockey: The frozen chunks of cow dung were passé. First, they were exchanged for Lacrosse hard rubber balls and a little later they were cut to size for sports reasons and so only the middle part was left: the birth of the puck. And the scene changed, too. For the first time, two teams met inside, more precise at the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal and they duelled according certain rules. Over the decades, ice hockey became a worldwide popular sport. The SportSpar Ice Hockey Shop offers exactly the right ice hockey equipment you need!

How to perfectly equip for the contact team sport...

The fastest puck ever had a speed of 183 km/h (114 mph). It was achieved by the Russian defenceman Alexander Ryazantsev – unstoppable for any goaltender in the world. In comparison: That's a speed hardly any average medium-sized vehicle reaches on the motorway. These masterly performances require of course several preconditions: You need talent and the willingness to practice hard and regularly. And the right – quite extensive – ice hockey equipment to be on the safe side when you are on the icy ground. There are for example:

  • hockey sticks
  • puck
  • ice skates
  • helmet with face cage
  • mouthguard
  • neck guard
  • chest and shoulder protectors
  • elbow pads
  • ice hockey gloves
  • ice Hockey Jock or Jill
  • knee and shin guards
  • hockey jersey
  • padded pants
  • hockey socks


At our SportSpar Ice Hockey Shop you’ll find ice hockey jerseys of successful nations such as Sweden or Finland and shirts of famous clubs. How about for example merchandise of various NHL teams? And don’t forget the right mouth guard to protect your teeth – ice hockey is a contact sport!

And finally: Some funny facts about ice hockey!

Probably the funniest ice hockey goal in history was scored on 18 November 2012 during the match Djurgårdens IF against Leksand: The puck hit the leg of Djurgårdens IF player Alexander Wennberg and got caught in the left winger's pants who realised the opportunity, skated towards the goal and crossed the goal line - cool as ice! Here, he shook his leg and the puck fell on the floor. Gosh! What a funny - but though regular - goal. Oh, by the way, not only summer drinks need to be served ice cold. The same holds true for ice hockey pucks: Frozen pucks are easier to control. So, it's not at all surprising that twelve pucks in average are hit over the ice during a game. Have a look at our Ice Hockey Online Shop at SportSpar and order ice hockey jerseys and other ice hockey items at a very low price to make your ice hockey heart beat faster!