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The SportSpar MMA Shop

Mixed Martial Arts – shorter MMA – is not for the squeamish! This sport combines techniques from various martial arts. At our MMA shop you’ll find MMA clothing at very low prices. read more
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A sport for true fighters

MMA can take fighters to their limits. Do you want to have a go on this full contact sport yourself or do you prefer supporting your favourites from the distance? No problem: The huge choice of our MMA shop offers the most important MMA clothing you’ll need to be perfectly equipped.

MMA Shop - One for all and all in one!

Before we talk about our huge range of products, we would like to have a closer look at the world of mixed martial arts. There are only a few rules and regulations for the combat sport of MMA. So, fighters use several techniques as for example:

  • Striking meaning striking and kicking techniques typical for boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, karate and muay thai or Thai boxing
  • Grappling meaning ground fighting and wrestling techniques typical for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, judo and sambo

The most important difference between mixed martial arts and other full contact sports is the possibility or rather the permission to hit and kick even when fighting on the ground. For this reason, professional MMA fights are or were not allowed to be broadcasted on television in certain countries. Nevertheless, important events of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) – the most important MMA association worldwide – are certainly a highlight for true fans.

As a rule, an MMA fight is finished by

  • Submission: One of the two fighters gives up by tapping on the opponent’s body or on the floor.
  • KO: One of the fighters is knocked out – he faints.
  • TKO: The referee stops the fight.

Sometimes, one of the fighters wins by points. However, it's not the aim of the fight to hold both of the opponent’s shoulders on the mat simultaneously (fall) as they do in classic wrestling fights. One can also beat his opponent even when being already in an apparently loosing situation on his back. By the way, for competitions MMA fighters are classified by their weight. In the US version of MMA, the opponents fight in a wire-net surrounded octagon – the so-called cage. MMA is a very popular sport in Asia, too, where the opponents fight in a classic boxing ring.

Professional clothing at the SportSpar MMA shop

If you like to follow the example of former MMA star Georges St-Pierre or the active female fighter Ronda Rousey from the US, you should buy the correct equipment first. There are Tapout shirts and fight shorts as well as fighting gloves and other important equipment available at our MMA shop:

  • The t-shirts by Tapout are made of high-quality cotton and show various expressive images. Buying such a t-shirt means owing a piece of clothing of the most popular brand in MMA industry.
  • The fight shorts at our MMA shop are also produced by Tapout. They are made of polyester and match your t-shirts perfectly.
  • When buying fighting gloves, you choose between products of several manufacturers. At our shop, we offer gloves made by Tapout but also by PUMA. Note: Being an MMA fighter you use lightweight gloves with open fingers.

There are more MMA highlights in our sportswear category and in our boxing shop. Be careful though! You can’t compare the casual UFC shirts, Tapout caps and Everlast beanies with those of the far more popular boxing sport.

Get the ultimate kick at MMA fighting!

There’s no doubt that mixed martial arts is the most intense combat sport ever. During every fight, fighters push things to the limit and they risk being severely injured. If you are ready to face this huge challenge, equip yourself with our low-priced MMA sportswear and get the ultimate kick at future fights!