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Handball is one of the younger sports disciplines and becomes more and more popular. But what do I actually wear for playing handball? Find your sports gear at our handball shop! read more
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Handball is a girls’ sport? Although the game was originally developed for women to keep physically fit – as a counterpart to men’s football – today, it thrills both women and men. If you like to give this quite young sports discipline a try, you’ll find the perfect equipment at our shop … all at a very low price!

Playing on the court with the right handball shoes

Actually, handball is one of the fastest, toughest and most challenging games in the world. What you need is a high proportion of fitness, precision, speed and manoeuvrability – and the perfect shoes to make the most of your individual skills. Depending on the position you’re playing on, you’ll have to pay attention to different characteristics of your perfect shoe. Goalkeepers and defence players need handball shoes with lots of grip for a firm foothold. Players in the back trying to block shots by the opponent and starting new scoring chances need shoes offering high stability. The following characteristics are essential for a good handball shoe:

  • stability and ground control for a firm foothold
  • perfect grip for sprints and quick turns
  • cushioning to protect the foot from hitting the hard ground
  • secure fit for continuous wearing comfort


If you’re a wing player or one of the centres and running up and down the court, being offensive and defensive at the same time, you should wear shoes from the handball shop which support speed as well as manoeuvrability. Shoes explicitly designed for a fast game show these four characteristics:

  • light weight and flexibility for speeding up
  • perfect grip for firm standing when shifting your weight suddenly
  • cushioning to protect from impacts when sprinting fast
  • breathability to keep your feet fresh during the game


At our Sportspar Handball Shop, you’ll find many of these shoes especially designed for this sports discipline and its various positions – all made by renowned brands such as Puma, Kempa or adidas – of course at a very low price.

Handballs for one direct hit after the other

Apart from shoes, the SportSpar Handball Outlet also offers various balls to practice this sport. Traditionally you use a quite small ball to play this game, a ball which fits the hand nicely. Most of the modern balls are usually resinated to make it easier to use the popular handball tricks such as feinted throws. A resinated ball doesn’t slip out of your hand that fast.

Choose your favourite among the high-quality and colourful handballs made by adidas and Kempa to practice your throwing technique – from back shots to vertical jump shots. Speaking of Kempa and throwing techniques – there’s one more thing to say!

Indeed, Kempa is a brand specialised in the production of handball equipment. It is named after the German handball player and coach Bernhard Kempa. He invented a quite unusual throwing technique known today as the kempa trick: The ball is passed on to another player who is jumping towards the goal. Still in the air he catches the ball and throws it towards or into the goal before touching the ground again.

Low-priced sportswear for (future) handball pros

Finding the right shoes for your position and your perfectly produced and great designed ball – that’s absolutely no problem for you anymore. However, you still need the right sportswear at low price to be perfectly equipped. At the SportSpar Handball Outlet you’ll find amongst other things:

  • men's and women's jerseys,
  • unisex shorts,
  • goalkeeper sweaters and
  • tracksuit jackets.


When it comes to jerseys, we sell neutral versions as well as jerseys of certain national teams. There are for example successful countries such as France, Sweden and Croatia or Germany and Poland. Depending on your chosen jersey just match your perfect coloured shorts – available in light or dark red, in white, blue or orange. Same holds true for the tracksuit jackets in various colours. The only thing that all items have in common are high quality and low price.

Browse through, select your item, order it and then … start playing handball!

Take your time and browse through our Handball Shop before you buy products which entirely fulfil your expectations. After you received your order within only a few days, you can start practicing your throwing techniques. Have fun!