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Handball Shoes

SportSpar offers low-priced handball shoes and explains what to look out for when buying handball items! read more
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Why do I need special handball shoes at all?

Many handball players underestimate the importance of the (right) shoe. In fact, the optimal shoe is absolutely essential as it influences both training and competition as well as the athlete’s health. Only with the perfect handball shoe, you’ll be able to fulfil your potential. Furthermore, it protects your joint and saves you from severe injuries. So, don’t take the choice of your perfect shoe lightly.

What are the requirements your perfect handball shoe has to meet?

There are several essential features which a handball shoe must have. Jumping steps, sprints, fast turns and high, dynamic jumps are very typical for this kind of sport. You act and react on quite a hard ground. So, a good cushioning of your sole is very important. In this way, you protect your knees, your ankles and your discs. In detail: the harder the cushioning of your handball shoe the better the springy effect. You can recognise the quality of the cushioning – except from the manufacturer’s information – when you look at the inner cushioning of the shoe. It should be very well cushioned especially in the area of your heel as this is the part that has to take quite a lot of the weight.

Tip: If you buy shoes with a removable sole you could exchange the sole for one with sorbothane cushioning. Sorbothane is a viscoelastic polymer that can cushion impacts as good as hardly any other material could do. So, even most energetic jumps and stabile, secure landings are no problem at all.

In order to protect your ligaments, your shoes should have stabilizers in the metatarsal area to keep your feet always in the right position and save you from twisting your ankle. And, a non-slipping shoe sole is essential, too. As soon as your footwear loses its grip, it has to be changed.

Furthermore, you have to pay attention to breathability and a good fit perfect for your feet. Breathability is important so that fresh air can “stream” through your shoes – very useful not only for your skin but also for a nice smell of your handball shoes.

What you have to keep in mind concerning the position you are playing on…

As for any other sports discipline as well, there are various positions to play in handball, too. According to your position – if you are (or want to become) a pivot, a wing player or a back player – you have to set different priorities.

  • Depending on your stature and your playing technique, pivots need either shoes offering a good support or shoes offering flexibility. Precise: Small, fast players have to pay attention to a good support. Tall, strong athletes should go for flexible footwear.
  • Wing players are true sprinters. So, they should use light, flexibles shoes, a little bit like volleyball shoes.
  • If you prefer the position of a back player, quite often you have to deal with shifts in direction. Therefore, your handball shoes should offer a good support and perfect cushioning.


And here’s another tip: Do you have sensible ankles? Then focus on good support when you buy handball shoes.

Low-priced handball shoes by popular brands at SportSpar

At our SportSpar handball shop, you’ll find low-priced handball shoes by popular brands. No matter if Puma or Kempa – all handball shoes meet high requirements and are a good base for a secure and successful game. However, these shoes are not only functional, they look great, too. All shoes offer a casual, stylish design in loud colours such as red or orange. Furthermore, you’ll find men’s shoes and women’s shoes.

Look in regularly!

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