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To hit the track on your motorbike, to race a go-cart or to go rallying in a racing car: motor sport has many faces. And we offer the adequate look! read more
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Motorsport wear for your casual and comfortable lifestyle

You are fascinated by this sport, too, and you would like to get the correct motorsport wear without having to dig deep into your pocket? Absolutely no problem thanks to SportSpar!

Cool motorsport wear for true fans

Motocross, Formula 1 or rally: If you are a huge motorsport fan and you want to dress accordingly, just buy one or two relevant accessories. SportSpar offers various racewear and additional equipment which passionate fans of one ore even more motorsport disciplines and lovers of casual clothing need:

  • t-shirts
  • polo Shirts
  • sweatshirts
  • jackets
  • shorts
  • caps
  • belts
  • bags

Of course, racewear isn’t just any traditional clothing or accessory. Each and every item offers a cool motorsport design. How about for example bags, belts and caps with a logo print of one of the Formula 1 teams such as Ferrari or Red Bull Racing?

Our huge SportSpar range of products concerning motorsport wear offers tops by No Fear, too. Right from the start, this US brand – founded in 1989 – specialised on the production of casual t-shirt designs with references to adventure sports and related risks. So, the clothes show for example skulls, motocross designs and slogans which underline the fearlessness of its owner and his affection for motorsport.

Alternatively, SportSpar also offers motorsport-related t-shirts by other renowned sports labels – e.g. Puma or Adidas. Both brands are la crème de la crème of international sports items enterprises. They represent cool designs and excellent quality. Talking of quality...

Great fabrics for the ultimate wearing comfort

However, motorsport wear is of course not only about stylish looks. Apart from the design, functionality is important, too. In the end, you want to feel great wearing your t-shirts and shorts. Nearly all t-shirts and polo shirts are made of 100 % cotton, a material which is not necessarily recommendable for practising an active sport, though, undoubtedly best for leisure time. Cotton feels great on your skin; it doesn’t itch and offers maximum comfort. Most of the motorsport caps which you can order at SportSpar at an affordable price are made of cotton, too. Shorts, on the other hand, are often made of polyester. Polyester fabrics are non-fading and weatherproof and, in this way, particularly durable. So, motorsport wear is not just only perfect for leisure time but also – as needed – for practising a sport actively.

Combining motorsport wear

Most of the motorsport wear we offer here at SportSpar can perfectly be worn as stylish casual fashion. No matter if you go to the cinema with friends, if you go shopping or if you drive around on your own vehicle (bike, moped, motorbike or car) – our cool motorsport t-shirts in combination with affordable shorts, jeans, chinos or cords always offer a casual look. At least, if you pay attention to matching colours. A simple motorsport jacket or a men's sweatshirt can be perfectly worn with a No Fear t-shirt or any other t-shirt – always a good choice for spring and autumn evenings. To finish your look, just wear a cap on your head – an absolutely must-have for true motorsport fans as well as active racers. 

Everything the racer needs!

SportSpar offers many of the mentioned merchandising or fan items at low price. Have a look and combine your individual motorsport outfit.