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Volleyball clothes and equipment

Low-priced volleyball shoes and sportswear – at our SportSpar Volleyball Shop at a heavily reduced price and all in stock. read more
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For many people, volleyball is a real obsession! As soon as this intoxicating experience of your team’s willpower seizes you, it won’t let you go. Volleyball is team spirit and elegance, strategy and dynamism.

Traditionally, volleyball is an indoor sport. Here, the players, referees and line-judges – but the audience, too – are safe and sound in all kinds of weather. A sport becoming more and more popular is beach volleyball. As the word suggests beach volleyball is a sport played on sand or on the beach and not indoor. Most rules and regulations are the same as indoor volleyball but still there are some differences and peculiarities. However, setting, digging, blocking and bumping are typical as well for gameplay and for sequences of movements.

Volleyball shoes – a smart price is half the battle!

Lucky you, if you learned the sport from scratch and if you know a good volleyball shop which sells everything your volleyballer’s heart could wish for. The only things a typical volleyball player needs are a comfortable, light outfit, super quick reflexes, an extraordinary feeling for the ball, sophisticated techniques and strong willpower. As soon as a good volleyball made of synthetic or genuine leather flies through the air and the players enter the court wearing their cool volleyball clothing, the only thing that’s missing to be happy is … the referee’s whistling. Basically, a volleyballer’s outfit consists of special indoor shoes and breathable sportswear.

The soles of volleyball shoes have to be non-marking and they have to offer a good cushioning. As all the jumps while playing volleyball are hard work for your ankles, flatted sole edges prevent you from twisting your ankle and they offer stability and good traction. Today, this kind of shoes are available in various colours, for women and men or even in low-cut, mid-cut and high-cut style.

The huge choice of outlet products at is smart shopper’s paradise: among all the volleyball shoes there are true bargains of popular brands such as PUMA, Nike or ASICS!

The perfect outfit for your next match!

During a volleyball match, the impacts on various parts of your body, on ligaments and joints are quite heavy and the players start sweating really fast. In order to evacuate the moisture quickly before it’s soaked up by your shirt, many volleyballers go for tops made of synthetic fibres such as functional shirts and tank tops. When playing beach volleyball, you wear even less: women using Sports Bras evidently prevent breast ache. Sports bras or tops with an inner sports bra support and stabilise your breast.

Shorts or hot pants – often worn when you play volleyball outside – offer enough ease of movement. Men are also advised to wear Men's Shorts because these pants don’t restrict your moves when you make sudden and broad steps. Often, these men’s sports shorts have an inner lining for more comfort. When playing inside, you’d better wear longer trousers such as tights which keep you warm on colder days, too.

And what’s best: All these basics don’t have to be expensive! Our SportSpar volleyball outlet offers quite a few bargains. How about some low-priced volleyball shoes or sportswear at a heavily reduced price?

Volleyball accessories: cool, chic & a must-have!

While some trousers covering you knee might even lessen heavy falls, there’s a certain accessory which is indispensable in volleyball sports: Knee pads are a must-have for every volleyballer. Most pads are made of a nylon or neoprene fabric which is kind to your skin. They offer a specially designed cushioning to protect your kneecap. All the unavoidable falls and slips often cause frictional heat and that’s why many knee pads are made of a non-inflammable material.

Absolutely important for every volleyballer – especially when you play on the beach and the weather is nice – are Sunglasses. Although you change sides quite often, especially in beach volleyball, in order to have equal weather conditions for both teams, many player wear sunglasses when playing outside. So, they don’t have to look directly at the sun and maybe miss a pass. Your sunglasses should be tight-fitting, have to protect your eyes against ultraviolet radiation and shouldn’t steam up when it’s hot. Often, many volleyballers wear a classic Cap when the sun is burning down as an additional protection.