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Affordable running shoes at the SportSpar online shop

When you start jogging, you’ll get a lot of advantages for free and you have to invest little. All you need is motivation – and affordable running shoes! read more
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Fresh air, daylight and varied training condition is what you get for free. And with a little bit of perseverance your success comes about almost itself. Only when choosing your right running shoes, you should think about what you need before you start.

Top 5 reasons to go for affordable running shoes instead of sneakers

Your worn-out sports shoes or even everyday shoes should never be a replacement for adequate running shoes – even though they look very sporty. There are good reasons for specially designed jogging shoes. Here are just five:

  • Thanks to their robust tread, their practical cushioning and their weatherproof fabrics they perfectly match the outdoor conditions.
  • The appropriate design stabilises your foot and your ankle – otherwise you might hurt yourself!
  • Affordable branded shoes are made of breathable fabrics such as mesh and innovative synthetic fibres. So, they avoid that your body gets too hot.
  • Many shoes offer safety reflectors so that you can wear them when jogging in the dark.
  • Running shoes look trendy and are a great motivation for you to keep going.

STOP! This is what distinguishes good runing shoes from others

When you want to buy new running shoes online, you should consider the following: Don’t compromise on the size! Your new training partners have to fit perfectly. Depending on your running type, you might need a shoe to stabilise the inside or the outside of your ankle. If you take a look at one of your worn-out sports shoes, you can see what running type you tend to be. The side of your sole which shows more wear and tear is the side you obviously put the most weight on. When you jog that’s exactly the side you need to stabilise more. Do you want to know for sure what running type you are? At a specialist shop, you’ll get an analysis of your running style – some sports doctors offer this kind of analysis, too. In this way, you already know your perfect shoes before you order them.

Professional running shoes by high-quality brands such as Adidas, Nike or Puma offer basically all the important features which your new jogging shoe should have. Renowned labels fall back on decades of experience in producing first-class sports items and fitness wear. It’s their know-how that guarantees an optimum combination of materials as well as fits which are perfect for many runners.

First of all, a good running shoe stands out due to its cushioning. This feature ensures the impact on your joints and your spine is as little as possible when you walk.

Exception: If you only jog on soft forest tracks, you should go for a so-called trail shoe. This shoe rather relies on an optimum grip than sophisticated cushioning. The yielding ground already offers the necessary cushioning. In the end, it’s a very individual question how much importance you should attach to the grip and to the cushioning. If you have problems with your joints or other health restrictions, you need a bit more of support for your feet. Other runners prefer lighter shoes to leave more work for their foot muscles.

Time out: When is it time for replacement?

Cushioning and tread show when time’s up for your old running shoes. An overall guide: After 1,000 kilometres of running at the most you’ll need new running shoes. If you weigh a bit more, if you use a competition shoe or if you often run on asphalt, it might be high time for new affordable running shoes even much earlier.

Note: A running diary, e.g. as an app, can help you to keep track of your mileage. Other affordable running wear by renowned brands are also available at our SportSpar online shop, including running pants, running jackets and running gloves in various sizes as well as light running tops for men and women.