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Discover the world of VERTICAL STUDIO now and experience minimalist design combined with high functionality for optimal comfort on your travels. read more
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Quality and durability

The VERTICAL STUDIO brand stands for quality and durability of its products. The robust and hard-wearing material of the suitcases, laptop bags or travel accessories ensures a long life and will not let you down even with frequent use. The minimalist design is evidence of a timeless elegance that is suitable for many occasions. Whether Paris or Sydney - you decide where the road will take you.

Versatility through different products

VERTICAL STUDIO offers a wide range of travel products, from luggage to laptop bags and travel accessories. Whether for a weekend trip or a longer journey, the brand's various products offer the perfect solution for every travel situation.

Unbeatable value for money

Besides the quality and versatility of the products, VERTICAL STUDIO is also known for its unbeatable value for money. At Sportspar you will find a large selection of VERTICAL STUDIO products at particularly favourable prices. This makes travelling with high-quality equipment possible even for those on a budget.

Reference to minimalist design

VERTICAL STUDIO is a brand that specialises in minimalist design. This means that every product is deliberately reduced to the essentials. VERTICAL STUDIO is all about each product fulfilling its function perfectly and at the same time having a clear, aesthetic value. The brand believes that less is often more and that a minimalist design is timeless and versatile. The simple and functional designs are ideal for travellers who value a modern aesthetic while seeking durable products.


VERTICAL STUDIO offers high-quality, durable and versatile products for every travel occasion. The minimalist design and unbeatable value for money make the brand's products an absolute must-have for every traveller. Discover the world of VERTICAL STUDIO now at especially low prices in our shop.