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You’d like to be always up to date and never miss one of our big deals on You’d like to know one day in advance which new mega sale is coming up? Great, Telegram is the perfect tool for you! This messenger will send all of our heavily reduced deals directly to your smartphone.

Besides Telegram, there’ll still be our Whatsapp service. According to GDPR and the Whatsapp guidelines, the present newsletter dispatch via Whatsapp will end on December 7, 2019. However, you’ll still be able to use Whatsapp but in a slightly modified way. You’ll receive our information by simply asking for them actively. We’ll inform you about new content by means of a teaser via the helper application “Notify” which you’ll have to download. Via Notify, we’ll send you a push notification with a certain command, a kind of code word, which always starts with a #, e.g. #week or #newdeal. After you’ve been automatically forwarded to our Whatsapp chat, please send the command via Whatsapp (will be automatically copied into the text box). After that, you’ll receive our content.

If you like to unsubscribe or just take a break, simply send “STOP”.


Data Protection

In order to provide this service, we work with our partner, who provides the necessary services. For this purpose, private data (for example: mobile phone number) are stored for the purpose of functionality and used exclusively for communication with us and you. Of course, all data can be deleted again on request! You can find out more here in the privacy policy of Whatsbroadcast or here in our privacy policy.