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Cycling clothes & equipment

Get your cycling bargain at our SportSpar Cycling Shop. Cycling jerseys and cycling shorts at a very low price. read more
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Why does the biker’s happiness depend on his sportswear?

There is hardly any other sport which combines the feeling of freedom and independence with the joy of movement as perfect as cycling. After you discovered your biker’s passion, you’ll be longing for cool extras such as functional clothing and all sorts of cycling equipment. You will not only start sweating when you go for a weekend bike ride or when you are cycling on holidays. If you use your bike regularly for sports and to stay or become fit, you won’t miss the advantages of functional cycling wear. Basically, functional cycling tops ensure that sweat doesn’t stay on your skin but is transferred to the outside. This optimised moisture-regulating feature prevents the cycling jerseys from sticking on your skin when you sweat so that you don’t catch a cold.

No matter if rec sports or elite sports, short or long distances, urban or rural – an optimal bike wear and the right equipment are an absolute must-have. Popular cycling shorts have a seat cushion insert, cycling gloves offer perfect grip and cycling helmets protect your head – the most vulnerable part of your body – from injuries. By the way, a helmet shouldn’t be an optional Sports Accessory for true bikers; it’s a cool must-have. Unfortunately, as cycling became more and more popular over the last few years, the number of biker accidents grow, too. So, experts advise to wear the right functional sportswear AND all necessaire cycling protectors.

Where else? SportSpar: Cycling items online at low price

Biker’s demands are just as diversified as our SportSpar product range. The sky is the limit! If you are looking for equipment and cycling wear of renowned famous brands such as adidas or PUMA, you might have to dig deep into your biker’s pocket – WRONG! Here at SportSpar, it’s easy to shop cycling trousers and useful sports tops at bargain price. There’s no doubt that your new cycling outfit has to be cool and useful at the same time. Day by day, SportSpar proves that your new cycling equipment doesn’t have to be expensive. Have a look at our cycling shop and you will find our cycling bargains, often up to 85 % less.

Low-priced cycling trousers, jerseys & equipment: Discover the SportSpar cycling shop!

SportSpar offers everything your biker’s heart could wish for – shop cycling bargains for little money: classic cycling trousers and jerseys or low-priced sunglasses by top brands for nice-weather bikers and waterproof rain jackets as well as neoprene over shoes for rainy days. How about some fast-drying cycling gloves, durable tights, bib shorts and cycling trousers? Shop cycling wear for women, men and kids, for cross bikers and triathletes and for all the “pedal pushers” who just fell in love with their two-wheeled vehicle. And as always: Be fast! What’s gone is gone!