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Before you present an ollie or another cool trick you have to do something really important: Get cheap skate clothing at SportSpar to round off your skateboarding equipment! read more
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From asphalt surfing to skateboarding

The origins of skateboarding, as you know it today, are in the wild 1960s. At that time, the skaters, who moved with rolling boards through the streets, were still called "asphalt surfers". Of course, the skateboard is finally a modification of the surfboard.

It did not take long for skating to become a real trend sport among teenagers. Over time, different styles or disciplines began to emerge, such as the downhill slalom, obstacle course and freestyle. Basically, it does not matter if you want to become a professional or just enjoy the sport as a hobby - the special feeling, just really known by skaters, always remains the same.

Skateboarding - more than just a sport

As a passionate supporter, you know that skateboarding is more than just (any) sport. In fact, it is an awareness of life that manifests itself on various occasions. So the skater culture had and still has an immense influence in the areas of music and lifestyle. Not to mention the great clothes worn by skaters and those who identify with the unique world. But what exactly distinguishes skate clothing?

Cheap skater clothing at SportSpar

The garments are not primarily about functional features. But of course, they should be comfortable to glide casually and to perform all acrobatic stunts without any problem. Even more important, however, is that the items look just as cool as the board. For this purpose, the different parts are often provided with motifs that reflect the above-mentioned awareness of life as clearly as possible.

The imprints are also becoming increasingly alternative to continue standing out from the crowd, because: While a few decades ago, it was enough to put on loose shirts and trousers to attract attention, these characteristics are not so outstanding anymore. But what does a skater need reagrding clothing?

  • Loose trousers (Jeans, Shorts and more)
  • Stylish T-Shirts with cool motives
  • Shoes for boarding and everyday life

SportSpar offers visually varied, but always cheap skater clothing.

T-Shirts from Vision Street Wear and Co.

The highlights in the SportSpar Skateboard Shop definitely include the T-shirts of the American trend brand Vision Street Wear. Vision Street Wear mainly produces men's clothing. Even the shirts made of pure cotton are primarily designed for male skaters. Just check back frequently if your favorite brand is currently not available or just subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

All models present an expressive motive on the front in the form of a short text, a thematically matching picture or a combination of both. You can order the practical and affordable accessories in your favorite colour as they are commonly available in a variety of tones.

Footwear for your skateboarding adventure

In order to let off steam on your (stable) board as the mood takes you, you also need suitable footwear. At SportSpar you will find numerous cheap skate shoes from renowned brands such as Vision Street Wear, ECKO Unltd, Vans or DC Shoes.

The high-quality models meet all the requirements of a skater: As an upper material there is usually used first-class textile fabric, genuine or artificial leather. Each of these variants is breathable, so your feet get enough fresh air. Furthermore, the high-quality rubber soles of the inexpensive women's shoes and men's shoes provide good cushioning and high wearing comfort. In terms of design and appearance, you can choose between relatively simple, monochrome versions and extra stylish models that are guaranteed to stand out - for example in the combination of red and black.

Have a look frequently!

SportSpar is an outlet shop that gives you the chance to buy great skater clothing at a low price. Since the product range changes constantly or is updated, it is worthwhile to visit regularly. Do not miss the unique opportunity to wear cheap skater clothing in brand quality on your board and everyday trips!