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Buy fan scarves and show your true colours!

You love football and you are nuts about a certain team, but you don’t own a scarf of your favourite team yet? This has to change quickly: Buy comfortable scarves at the SportSpar online shop – at an absolutely affordable price! read more
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Only with a cool scarf you are a real fan

A scarf is just a piece of clothing to keep you warm in freezing cold winter? As a matter of fact: Yes. However, being a football fan, this piece of equipment is far more important. It’s the most important and, at the same time, most traditional accessory. Wearing your fan scarf, you show your true colours which you follow everywhere they go. And you demonstrate which group you proudly belong to. A well-crafted fan scarf will accompany you for many years. With your fan scarf, you’ll travel, at best, all around the world and you’ll be celebrating at the stands supporting your favourite team on the field. Just hold your scarf up, wave it or just wear it around your neck. In short: You can only be a true fan if you have the right scarf! By the way ...

From international top clubs to national teams

The huge range of products at SportSpar offers for sure the right scarf. Maybe not yet, but certainly a little bit later in time, because the choice of our outlet shop changes permanently. It’s worth passing by from time to time. Every now and again, you’ll find affordable fan scarves of Geman Bundesliga or English Premier League and international top clubs. And you’ll get scarves of different national teams at the store, too. This might be England, Germany and Turkey or Croatia, Spain, Argentina and other countries as well.

What distinguishes the encounter scarf?

A special highlight among the fan scarves is the so-called encounter scarf. It’s an everlasting memory of a very special match which you might have seen live at the stadium. Usually, the names of the two clubs and the date of the match are imprinted on this kind of scarf. Sometimes, you’ll find a little extra on the back of the encounter scarf like the club’s slogan such as Liverpool’s “You’ll never walk alone” or Bayern Munich’s “Mia san mia”. At the SportSpar online shop, you can buy these encounter scarves a bit later.

Affordable fan scarves made of comfortable polyacrylics

Nearly all fan scarves at SportSpar are made of polyacrylics. This is a comfortable synthetic fibre which offers several advantages. First, we have to mention the high wearing comfort. Similar to natural wool, polyacrylics has a high ability to swell which means your football fan scarf feels soft and smooth on your skin. What’s more: Besides these advantages, the fabric fibres are non-fading, resistant to chemicals and easy to care for. Finally, don’t forget the “moisture defence” which is just as good as John Terry or Mats Hummels. Just as fast as both world class defenders kick out balls from the danger zone in critical situations, polyacrylics wicks moisture away. Thanks to this practical quality, the synthetic fibre is not only used for creating great fan scarves but also to produce sportswear in general. By the way, most of the scarves at SportSpar have casual fringes on both sides.

The best way how to wear your football scarf

You’ve got several possibilities to wear your new fan scarf. Most fans just put it around their neck, both ends hanging loosely down. Alternatively, you can wear it like any other scarf as well – especially advisable when going to the stadium in winter or plain and simple for everyday life. Some fans tie their football scarf to the wrist and wave it to encourage their team.

Buy fan scarves and praise your favourite team

At the SportSpar football fan shop, you can buy various fan scarves and hoist your flag - at the stadium, on the way or when you cheer along passionately in front of the telly. Get all the teamwear fan items that every true fan must have!