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Shop fans scarfs and demonstrate your support!

You love football and you’ve got a favourite team but you don’t have a scarf of your team yet? It’s got to change: At our SportSpar online shop you’ll find comfortable scarfs – at unbeatable low prices! read more
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Cool scarfs for true supporters

A scarf is only a kind of clothing which keeps you warm in winter? In fact: yes. But for true football fans there’s much more to it: It’s the most important as well as most traditional football accessory. Wearing your fan scarf, you show your true colours which you support with every step you make. You proudly demonstrate which supporter’s group you belong to. A high-quality fan scarf is your companion for several years. Together, you’ll travel the world, you’ll cheer in the stand and you’ll encourage your team on the pitch. You’ll hold it up, wave it in your hands or simply wear it around your neck. In short: You’ll only be a true fan owing the right scarf. By the way …

International top clubs and national teams

At our huge range of products on you’ll find your perfect scarf. If not today then definitely during the next few weeks. Our choice of products changes regularly so it’s worth it stopping by from time to time. We always offer low-priced fan scarfs of Premier League or Bundesliga teams and other top clubs. And, we also sell scarfs of various national teams such as Germany, England and Turkey or Croatia, Spain and Argentina or other countries.

What’s a match day football scarf?

A special highlight of fan scarfs is the so called match day scarf. It’s a certain kind of souvenir to remember a great match you saw live at the stadium. Usually, match day football scarfs have the name of the two teams which played against each other as well as the date of the match printed on it. Sometimes, there is a very special goodie at the back of the scarf e.g. the club slogan of Bayern Munich “Mia san mia” or Liverpool’s “You’ll never walk alone”. Shop this kind of fan scarfs at our SportSpar online shop at very low prices!

Affordable fan scarfs made of soft polyacrylic

Nearly all fan scarfs at our SportSpar online shop are made of polyacrylic. It’s a soft synthetic fibre with several advantages. First of all it’s very comfortable to wear. Just like natural cotton, polyacrylic is quite puffy which means the scarfs is soft and smooth to your skin. But not enough: Further advantages are that fibres are non-fading, resistant to chemicals and easy to care. Not to forget that polyacrylic is resistant to moisture – nearly just as good as defenders John Terry and Garreth Southgate once did. Polyacrylic fibres wick away moisture just as quick as these two world’s best defenders stopped attacks during the match and prevented the opposing team from scoring. Thanks to this practical feature, the synthetic fibres are often used for great quality fan scarfs but also for sportswear. By the way, most of the scarfs offered at our SportSpar online shop have trendy fringes at both ends.

How to wear your football scarf

There are several possibilities to wear your football scarf. Most supporters simply wear it around their necks leaving both ends down. You can also wear it just as any other scarf which is quite clever to do when you are at the stadium on colder days or when you wear your fan scarf in everyday life. Some fans tie their scarfs to their wrists and wave them to support their teams.

Shop fan scarfs and support your favourite team!

At our SportSpar football fan shop, you’ll find various fan scarfs to show your true colours – at the stadium, on the way or when you watch your team in front of the telly. Shop your supporter’s must-have merch teamwear!