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Cheap basketballs: This is how you score!

Looking for a new ball? No matter if you are a newcomer or an advanced player with high ambitions: your choice has to be well considered. Because in the end, it’s the round main act that decides on the share of success and fun when you play. read more
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All about ball variations and brands: the most important questions

When it comes to lightning-fast dribbling or the perfect throw, the same holds true for both beginners and great NBA stars like Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James: The perfect ball plays a decisive role. Basketballs vary mainly in the following aspects:

  • circumference and weight
  • material and grip
  • design
  • suitability
  • manufacturers e.g. Molton, Spalding, Wilson or Nike

While younger players and beginners rather focus on the trendy look when choosing their new basketball, more ambitious players like those of the NBA teams pay particular attention to the ball’s functionality. Leading manufacturers of men’s basketball equipment such as Spalding, Everlast or Nike offer various balls especially designed for different levels. If you prefer a ball in louder colours or in traditional orange is up to you – and of course doesn’t have any influence on the outcome of the game. That’s different when you look at the most important criteria you should always have in mind when you want to buy a new basketball.

To get the real basketball feeling, the only things you need are a classic basketball jersey and basketball shoes. At SportSpar, you will not only find plain men’s jerseys but also men’s jerseys of different countries and teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks or Miami Heat.

Buying branded basketballs: It's the size that matters!

The most crucial aspect that decides if your desired item is perfect for you is the circumference of the ball. It depends on the age and the sex of the player. The respective category is indicated in numbers from 1 to 7 defining the circumference and the weight of the basketball. Size 1 is seldom used and describes mini balls. And the tolerance value might vary, too. It’s okay if a NBA ball and a FIBA ball are not absolutely the same size – just as an information aside. More important for you:

  • Size 3: perfect for kids aged 4-8. It's not that heavy and even small hands can handle the ball easily.
  • Size 5: Youth - perfect for older kids and teenagers.
  • Size 6: For the Ladies! Women's basketballs range between youth's and men's basketballs. Thanks to their lighter weight and their smaller circumference they are perfect for women.
  • Size 7: This is the official men's basketball. It has a circumference of 75 cm (29.5 in) and a weight of 600 g (22 oz).

Be on the ball indoor and outdoor

When you found the perfect circumference of the basketball, it’s your preferred court that could help you with the question: Which branded basketball should I buy? More luxurious balls made from genuine leather by labels such as Spalding and Molten are mainly used indoor. In order to avoid slipping indoor, you should use the appropriate equipment meaning basketball shoes. So, both an optimum score and safety are guaranteed.

Composite leather is more robust (and less expensive) and takes a lot of use outdoor. While both of these materials are more interesting for professional players, beginners should go for high-quality rubber balls (nylon). SportSpar offers many items by brands like Spalding or Dunlop – at a very low price!

The so-called grip decides how suitable the ball is for games on a harder outdoor surface like asphalt. Grip is very important and indicates how good the ball “sticks” to the hand during the game.

The most famous manufacturers are among others Molton and Spalding. Spalding produces basketballs since 1984 and is the official supplier of NBA games. The Japanese manufacturer Molton is the brand for official basketball championships.

Affordable basketballs and more at SportSpar

Buy the perfect basketball, tailored to your needs! At our Sportspar online shop, you'll find affordable basketballs of renowned branded manufacturers such as Nike, Dunlop or Spalding. Furthermore, we offer a great choice of original basketball jerseys, shoes and other equipment by top brands. There's just one thing you need to score – your basket!