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Women's Lingerie & Socks

Sporty underwear for women at a very low price. Branded quality at a factory outlet price at our SportSpar Women’s Underwear Sale. read more
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Ladies‘ underwear – feel good and beautiful!

Who’d have thought it? In daily life or when practising a certain sport, the piece of clothing which is most important for your wellbeing is your underwear. Especially the ladies are quite demanding when it comes to women’s underwear, no matter if tights or any other undergarment. Although it’s not very often that you wear undies in a visible manner for others, we put much emphasis on quality and functions. No pinching, no scratching, no rubbing and no squeezing! A slip is perfect if it’s comfortable and feels like a second skin, if it adjusts to your figure or even hides a little of your too much weight. Your new bra becomes your favourite if it offers most possible support but still lets you breath easily. Comfortable and nice – that’s how ladies’ underwear has to be. Apart from the right (cup) size, what’s most decisive are material, fit and colour.

Perfect fit, good support and high comfort

At the office or at the gym, at the parkour or at the disco or just for your workout: You have to rely on your underwear. Nobody wants to make a fool of oneself if knickers become apparent underneath sports pants, if one’s bra gets out of place or maybe if one’s favourite, but not very trendy panties shine through.

Women are very demanding when it comes to sports underwear. A sports bra is perfect if everything stays in place when it’s getting sporty, but it still offers enough freedom of movement. If a sports bra feels like a corset, it’s probably the wrong size or fits poorly.

Of course, you can use your usual underwear underneath your women’s sweatshirt when practising your sport. However, who’s exercising regularly or even professionally will notice soon that some run-of-the-mill knickers and romantic lace bras have several disadvantages. What’s good for everyday life doesn’t automatically have to be okay for you when practising your favourite sport.

Underwear has to fit you and your sport!

Ladies’ sports bras and functional underwear are quite important especially for physical sports or when you practise an outdoor sport because there’s a lot of stress on your breast tissue. Furthermore, you sweat a lot more, but you still shouldn’t get chilled. Sports bras have larger straps and offer a smart technology at the back so that they do not slip. Often, sports bras have a larger, elastic waistband and seamless formed cups. This design has stood the tests: Especially women with larger breasts and sportswomen who have to deal with sudden, jerky movements when they go jogging or practise a ball game, they complain less about breast ache or similar problems if they wear stabilising sports bras. The impact on the breast tissue can evidently be reduced by using a special bra. So, wearing ladies’ sports underwear for most sports activities can be pure bliss.

Apart from that, underwear should guarantee a high wearing comfort, too, and it has to be fashionable. Otherwise, female stamina and wellbeing might decrease when the ladies work out or practise their team sport. However, if you let yourself be carried away by no name products, you’ll be demotivated soon und you’ll have to buy twice. Low-priced branded underwear for women is for example available at our outlet for Tokyo Laundry or Vision Street Wear.

Buying ladies underwear comfortably and at a low price online!

And there’s another thing we all know: Buying underwear at a local shop can be very annoying! It’s much more comfortable to order ladies’ underwear online. You don’t have to be embarrassed by browsing through the online shop, and later, you try your new underwear calmly at home.

Briefs or panties, classics made of cotton or high tech with LYCRA®, red, yellow or blue, for practising yoga or your next cardio workout – one point always holds true: Underwear has to look nice… AND must fit perfectly! Because who’d have thought it: The bra size of a woman changes six times in her life. So, you’d better check again before ordering online. It’s quite simple. You only need a measuring tape. While push-up bras provide a bit more volume for a beautiful décolleté, bras you wear for everyday life and your favourite sport have to be simpler and more discreet, but fashionable though.