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Women's Sweatshirts

Women’s sweatshirts keep you warm in a cool way: with stylish prints and comfortable fits! read more
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Women's sweatshirts: Cult fashion with recall value!

Women’s sweatshirts keep you warm in a cool way: With their stylish prints and comfortable fits they have everything what it takes to become your absolutely favourite piece of clothing for every day! However, what’s the difference between a sweatshirt and a traditional women’s jumper? We give away the typical signs!

How to recognize a good women's sweatshirt

It offers most possible freedom of movement, it feels soft to your skin and it looks trendy: These very characteristics show where sweatshirts originally came from – namely sports! Back in the 1920s, the “shirt you wear for sweating” was absolutely revolutionary for its owner. Athletes wrapped themselves in the soft and comfortable cotton fabric before or after exercising. The flocked inside absorbed the sweat quite well and was therefore perfect for sports activities. Soon, men’s and women’s sweatshirts began to conquer other spheres of life e.g. as college uniforms.

Meanwhile, it’s the synthetic fibres that shine: They move sweat away from the body and are more breathable. A typical women’s sports jacket is made of light polyester. However, in everyday life the sweatshirt was a success beyond school and college. Sweatshirts satisfied the new requirements – namely looking cool – and gradually adapted to innovations. As a kind of by-product, manufacturers eventually added a headgear – and there it is, the hooded sweatshirt or, as we call it today, the hoody. Another step was to add a practical zip. So, the traditional men’s and women’s sweatshirt became a sweat jacket or even a hooded sweat jacket.

The perfect care for your hoodie!

No matter how uncomplicated these special women’s jumpers might look – they need an appropriate care, too. Those who like to get sheer pleasure of its favourite sweatshirts for as long as possible, should use a mild detergent and wash sweatshirts at low temperature; 30° C to 40° C should be enough. But how does your new sweater stay soft and fluffy? Often, the once cosy sweat jacket has become a “hard disappointment” after several washings. Mostly, this is because of false care – especially when it’s a high-quality sweater of a top brand. You could prevent your sweatshirt from getting hard, if you use a bit of fabric softener for every single or every second or third washing.

But be careful! Clothing with a blend of spandex/elastane don’t like fabric softener at all! Always wash your women’s sweatshirts and other pieces of clothing with a proportion of elastane without fabric softener! Otherwise these fabrics would wear out. All in all, a typical sweat fabric – despite of all the advantages – unfortunately tends to loose its shape. That’s why many manufacturers blend their fabrics with a small proportion of synthetic fibres. However, you can avoid your sweatshirt made of pure cotton from getting oversize. First and foremost, use a mesh laundry bag and reduce the cycle speed to a maximum of 1,000 rpm. And finally, nothing will go out of shape, if you dry your tops by lying them onto your clothes horse – instead of hanging them out to dry. 

Affordable women's sweatshirts at SportSpar

A typical women's sweatshirt stands out due to its clear features such as:

  • comfortable fit, oversize welcome
  • cotton fabrics, often flocked or roughened inside
  • sometimes with a small proportion of spandex/elastane for more flexibility
  • a modern and casual look
  • also zipped or hooded

Concerning the modern look, we have to add: retro fashion - especially for sweatshirts - is always trendy. At SportSpar, we offer a huge choice of sweatshirts, hoodies and sweat jackets in a stylish vintage look. With its respective prints it goes back to the roots of the sweatshirt as a sportswear and college uniform. In addition to our latest women's sweatshirts, you will also find high-quality women's sports pants and casual women's tops by renowned brands!