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You’re looking for a wind-stable umbrella which doesn’t let you down when the first small gust of wind arrives? Well, our Senz° Sale is the place to be then! Shop cheap Senz° umbrellas at a bargain price. read more
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Senz°ation! Futuristic, innovative and classic design! Our Senz° Sale offers items for every Gentlemen. It’s not the wind that blows your mind but our prices.

Senz° umbrellas provide protection that you need!

Aerodynamic – what a fantastic word, isn’t it? That’s what Senz° umbrellas are famous for! The unique design adjusts to the wind when it changes directions. And what’s best: it always easy to carry. Up to 50 mph, nothing will knock you off your feet.

Dutch precision for an award-winning product!

Top bad weather – and don’t get wet! How? Of course, at our Senz° Sale! Shop low-priced umbrellas with first-class and innovative features. By the way, you’ll be the only one to shine: The UPF50+ sun protection filters out almost 98 % of the UV radiation.

Never get frustrated again because of a wrecked umbrella. It’s high time for a new one… You’re looking for a stable umbrella which doesn’t let you down when a small breeze is coming up? Then, our Senz° Sale is the place to be! We offer cheap Senz° umbrellas at a very low price.